Bhajis to Blinis, Dal to Dill

The last time I sat down to write a blog post I was working in India and documenting my adventures for close friends and family. A year has passed since then and a lot has changed; I passed my second year at university, I finally visited Paris (briefly) and I finally got rid of my side-fringe. All these momentous events have flown by so quickly and now I find myself on Year Abroad Eve. Tomorrow evening I catch my flight to Kazan (via Moscow) where I will begin a term of study at Kazan Federal University.

I have only ever spent about 10 days in Russia in my life, with only a short trip to Moscow & St Petersburg and my school exchange project to Velikii Novgorod ending with me being packed off on a plane after only two days with my dear exchange partner (I’d refused to accept that I was unwell before travelling and was determined to reach Russia; it was only after a brief bout of hallucinations and vomit that a Russian doctor discovered my raging tonsillitis). As I prepare to reach a city I’ve never visited in a country I barely know, I can’t help but feel a bit nervous (N.B. this is a hysterical understatement for those closest to me). Now that most of my clothes have reached my suitcase and I reach the final 24hrs in England until December, dare I say that things are falling into place? The next time I write an entry, I hopefully will have reached Kazan safely.

But for now I’m enjoying these last hours of creature comforts; no-one judging my milky tea, a stable internet connection and Mary Berry smiling serenely at me from a tent in a country garden.


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