Back To The Future: Soviet Style

This post is basically a photo-post dedicated to an amazing museum we finally visited today, called the Museum of Soviet Life. We had heard great things about it from friends, and were intrigued to find out more for ourselves..

The museum itself is a collection of all things popular culture from the 70s/80s in the USSR. Jeans, video games, sweet wrappers, kaleidoscopes, military uniforms…it had it all. However, the real highlight of this museum is the opportunity to try on all sorts of clothes and costumes – and subsequently, we had a bit of a photo shoot…

And the military uniforms too, which we pieced together by personal taste rather than historical accuracy. The choice of plastic guns truly embellished the experience.

Being the daughter of an optician, I was also thrilled to explore the ocular fashion of the era.

By the end of the visit, I truly felt like a Soviet muse.


The owner of the museum was so welcoming and friendly, and helped us get some cracking shots. He also gifted us a Russian book each to help us with learning Russian. We signed our brick on the wall (as he invites all visitors to do), and left with a new appreciation for Soviet style.


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